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Advisory Accountants Case Studies

Retail Case Study

Cashflow problem sorted

The problem

A suburban retailer, our client was facing cashflow problems (negative cashflow). Supplier bills were hitting before income had arrived – and whilst on paper they were profitable, there wasn't money in the bank to pay creditors and tax bills. On-time payments were a continual problem.

Their "solution" was to put in $70,000 of their personal capital to keep the company going. It wasn't going to work in the long run.

Read how within 12 months we increased our client's cashflow by $100,000 and profitability by 16%...

Manufacturing Case Study

$90,000 loss to $150,000 profit

The problem

Despite using a debt factoring company to free up cash to pay suppliers, our client had serious cashflow issues and over ten months had also made a loss of $90,000. The problems were aggravated by missing out on early payment rebates and seriously affected by suppliers stopping credit due to non-payment of accounts. To cap things off, the bank overdraft was maxed out and the bank would not extend it any further.

Read how we were able to return our client to a profit after payment of directors of $150,000...

Trade Case Study

Sales up by $3m (50%) but cashflow a problem

The problem

Despite an impressive increase in sales from $6m to $9m (50% increase) our client in the building industry was having severe cashflow issues. Paying tax on time was a struggle and the increased sales had come with decreased profitability.

Read how our client is now on target to achieve a $600,000 profit after paying working directors...


Read our Retail Case Study here.

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