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Retail Case Study

Cashflow problem sorted

The problem

A suburban retailer, our client was facing cashflow problems (negative cashflow). Supplier bills were hitting before income had arrived – and whilst on paper they were profitable, there wasn't money in the bank to pay creditors and tax bills. On-time payments were a continual problem.

Their "solution" was to put in $70,000 of their personal capital to keep the company going. It wasn't going to work in the long run.

Our approach

The numbers tell the story – if you know where to look.

Advisory Accountants's Business Builder tools help provide the analysis so we can clearly see the problem and the root causes. We produced a company health check and diagnostic report. A proper diagnosis would provide us with the information needed to work out an effective cure.

What we did

Advisory Accountants analysis highlighted what can be a common problem. The profitability of the company had actually increased but cashflow had become negative.

Our key findings were:

  • The debtor's days had increased by 20 days in the last 3 months. Debtors were not paying on time.
  • Advertising, wages and delivery expenses were climbing.
  • Stock levels were higher than necessary.

We did the following

  • We put in place better systems of Debt collection.
  • Cost cutting measures were also put in place to control expenses especially no productive wages and advertising
  • We advised the client to buy more regularly in lower quantities so as to not tie up cash in stock
  • We also identified that they could increase prices by 10% without affecting sales.


It took three months before the changes had a visible effect. However, within 12 months there was a $100,000 increase in cashflow. As an added bonus, profitability increased by 16% as well.

What the client said

"The proactive steps taken by Advisory Accountants has got us out of cashflow difficulties and added another $150,000 net profit. This is a fantastic result in a recession year and a big thank you."

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