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Advisory Accountants Insolvency - we specialise in liquidations

We have a team of experienced professional staff who can administer an liquidation effectively. We undertake both court and voluntary appointments, however a number of our insolvencies are voluntary appointments.

Whether you are considering on closing your business or you are a creditor petitioning the court to liquidate a company, contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Why choose Advisory Accountants Insolvency?

Advisory Accountants Insolvency is a commercially focused practice. We are diligent at obtaining the best commercial result for all parties.

My business is in trouble – What options do I have?

The 2 main options are Liquidation or Voluntary Administration.

There are a number of other options to consider, including a compromise with creditors, selling your business, looking for additional capital and so on. We assume that you have explored these options and have not found the answer you are looking for. These options are not to be taken lightly, and may result in you losing all of your investment in your business, and possibly walking away with a substantial debt and possibly personal bankruptcy.

It is also very important to understand that, once you start considering these options it becomes increasingly likely that you will proceed down one or both of these tracks. If you feel that your company is not going to make it, the sooner you call in a liquidator or an administrator, the better the result for all parties, including yourself.

I'm a creditor petitioning the court to liquidate a company – What options do I have?

If you are a creditor that is petitioning to liquidate a company that owes you money, you have the ability to nominate a liquidator of your choice to the court. The judge has discretion of who is appointed, however the liquidator that is nominated by the petitioning creditor is usually appointed.

If you are in this situation, contact us today.

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